Weekly Activation

Weekly activation of your emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units is paramount to ensure that all emergency equipment is operating properly. This process is stated as a requirement in the International standard, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014.

Not only will performing this test give you peace of mind that your emergency equipment is in full working order, it will also ensure you remain compliant. If a shower fails to function correctly or further injures an employee you could face significant fines and/or imprisonment.

Weekly activations will:

  • Clear the line of any sediment build-up that could prevent the shower or eye/face wash from activating properly 
  • Reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growth such as Legionella that thrives in stagnant water
  • Ensure this life-saving equipments works when needed

Use our handy weekly activation checklist for an easy to follow process and take a look at our video.