The Justrite Group

Justrite is the leading source of storage, handling and security products including fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products. Since 1906 customers have looked to Justrite for innovative solutions to help protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity.

Hughes joined the Justrite family in May 2016: “Hughes is a perfect complement to Justrite in both product and geographical fit. The two businesses create a stronger industrial safety company that will better serve our global customer base,” stated Mark McElhinny, Justrite President and CEO. “With our history of delivering quality products for storing and handling hazardous materials, it makes logical sense to enhance the offering, and with Hughes, there is no better way”.

The Justrite products include:

  • Safety and Storage Cabinets - designed to store flammable liquids, corrosives, pesticides and other hazardous materials.

  • Safety Cans and Containers - offer safe handling and storage for flammable and/or hazardous liquids.

  • Outdoor Safety Lockers - promote safe storage, handling and disposal practices that minimize contamination of hazardous chemicals, while reducing worker exposure to hazards and injuries.

  • Spill Control and Environmental Products – including collapsible berms with drive-through capability, decontamination and washdown berms and drip/leak protection and storm water control.

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