In an emergency shower situation, tepid water is vital to ensuring worker safety. The most widely accepted international standard for safety showers and eye/face wash equipment, ANSI Z358.1-2014 specifies a tepid water supply to the shower.


What is Tepid Water?

Tepid water is controlled within a fixed temperature range - 60 to 100 F (16 to 38 C). The ANSI standard specifies a tepid water supply for at least 15 minutes when activating an emergency shower or eye/face wash equipment.


Why is Tepid Water Important?

Safety showers provide immediate relief for employees splashed with hazardous chemicals. The water washes the chemical from the skin and out of the eyes.

A safety shower that operates outside of the tepid water range can cause harm. A hot shower can scald the injured person adding temperature burns to their injuries and increasing the chance of chemical absorption. On the other hand, a person is likely to leave a cold shower before the ANSI recommended 15 minutes is complete. This exposes them to ongoing chemical burns and may even induce hypothermia.


Tepid Water Shower Options

Emergency Tank Showers with Tepid Water

Emergency Tank showers are ideal for areas where water supply pressure and flow are unreliable or where there is no constant water supply. The integrated tank contains enough water to meet the 15-minute minimum specified in the ANSI standard.

Both indoor and outdoor safety shower models are insulated and heated by an immersion heater to keep the water temperature consistent.

A specialized solution for frigid or Arctic climates is the Polar Tank Shower. Fiberglass panels and doors insulate the shower area. A room heater keeps the interior temperature at a comfortable level.

In extremely hot climates, chiller units keep the water temperature in the tepid range.

Instantaneous Heaters

Instantaneous heaters heat water on demand, thus reducing energy demands. The units have a capacity that meets the ANSI flow rate demands. Electricity supplies power to instantaneous heaters.

Tepid Water Loop Systems

Tepid water loop systems supply water to many safety showers and eye/face wash equipment simultaneously.

The centralized tempering system controls the water temperature using heaters or coolers. Tepid water is then pumped through a pipework loop to each shower and eye/face wash equipment.

Temperature Controlled Safety Showers

Ideal for outdoor use, this emergency safety shower has its own water tank with heater. It delivers 15 minutes of tepid water on activation regardless of the ambient conditions.

Tempering Unit to provide Tepid Water

A tempering unit controls water temperature and operates independently of a safety shower. It consists of a heated tank along with thermostatic mixing valves. Tempering units supply tepid water to any equipment.

Tempering units and heated cubicles are sometimes supplied together. The heated cubicle controls the climate within the safety shower. The tempering unit controls the water temperature. These ideal conditions ensure the best chance for completely washing off harmful chemicals.


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