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The Emergency Decontamination Bath, has been designed by Hughes specifically for decontamination and disinfection in instances where an emergency safety shower is insufficient, for example where an operative may have been exposed to harmful chemicals such as Monochloroacetic acid.

The innovative design of the bath allows for quick and easy access to the decontaminant solution (which could be water, a saturated aqueous solution, or an alternative decontaminant) in the event of exposure. The bath’s water temperature is controlled at 30°C and is ready for use at all times.

Access to the bath is by simply lifting the handle, at which point two gas spring struts assist with the opening of the lid. The casualty would remove their clothes and shoes while in the bath, and remain in the decontaminant for a minimum of 30 minutes. When the bath is in use a self-locking safety mechanism ensures that the lid remains open for the entirety of the decontamination period ensuring the injured person is not locked in the bath accidently.

A magnetically operated Proximity Switch can be fitted as an option to the Emergency Bath to activate a local alarm in addition to sending a remote signal to a DC control station indicating that the unit has been operated and that someone may require emergency and medical assistance.

The 316 stainless steel bath is fully insulated and fitted with a thermostatically controlled trace tape heating system with safety cut-out and manual re-set controls. The temperature of the interior solution is displayed on an external gauge for easy visual inspection. An insulated hinged lid keeps the bath closed, and keeps out any airborne contaminants while the bath is not in use. 

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Material Stainless Steel


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