Safety Shower Innovation & Product Development

Product innovation and engineering excellence has always played a critical role at Hughes Safety Showers. A dedicated Research and Development team design and develop new, innovative products and improve the effectiveness of existing products and components.

The Hughes Safety Valve is at the heart of the safest safety showers in the world.

On Safety Showers, the valve is the first point of failure. That's why we have always insisted on using the best. It's the only way to guarantee reliable, long-life products that consistently deliver the most effective treatment in emergencies.

The use of top quality valves has helped to define Hughes as a market leader and we are constantly trying to make improvements for even better performance.

The most recent result of these efforts is a completely new range of valves.

To take quality and performance to the next level, we knew we had to design our own valves. We had the manufacturing experience and the in-house design capability. We understood the practicalities of operating showers in challenging working conditions, and, most notably, we knew there was nothing on the market that came even close to meeting our design aspirations.

The new Hughes valves have been designed using the latest 3D modeling software to optimize every aspect of performance. There are five sizes and a range of end connections to step up or down to different pipe sizes. Straight or cranked actuator levers can be fitted at 45°or 90° to the valve body providing a choice of operating positions for maximum flexibility. The valves have a low operating torque for easy use and comply fully with the requirements of the internationally recognized ANSI Z 358.1 2014 and EN 15154 (1+2) standards.


Sharing knowledge and collaboration

Through the “Knowledge Transfer Partnership” (KTP), Hughes has collaborated with Salford University’s Spray Research Department on a number of projects to test and research shower nozzle design and performance.

Hughes Safety Showers was selected by a Saudi Arabian mining company to design and manufacture a centralized chiller unit to supply Emergency Safety Showers and Eye wash equipment located within a Zone 1 hazardous area. The chiller unit itself is located outside this area and the water supplied through a 3 km long insulated ring main.

Hughes remains a market leader because we take our lead from the needs of the market

By listening to and observing the needs and changes of the varied markets we serve, including; oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food production and renewable energies, we are able to develop products that keep pace with the demands of industry.

The extended development of our hugely successful Tank Showers to include flameproof options for use in fire hazard areas and the addition of chiller units has made Hughes Tank Showers the world's first choice in extremely hot desert temperatures.

Water temperature control is now a requirement within the ANSI standard and Hughes has developed mains-fed temperature controlled showers that supply tepid water in cold and arctic conditions as standard.

But it is not only our shower ranges that benefit from attention to innovation and design.  A wide range of Rapid Deployment Shelters for use by emergency services in disaster areas or decontamination situations has gained worldwide recognition, and our decontamination products have been extended to include a new backpack version of the Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizer. This product, along with a new range of Hughes Endo Enterprises chemical consumables, is now widely used in bacteria and contamination control in ambulances, hospitals and clinical areas.