Value With Quality: Hughes Safety Showers & Equipment

It is impossible to place a value on the life or well-being of a trusted employee working on the company’s behalf in a hazardous environment. Yet, increasingly, businesses need to specify the best value components across all areas of construction. Emergency Safety Showers are now an essential requirement in industrial sectors throughout the world, with employee safety a priority on the agenda of all employers where hazardous materials are in use.

A little like an airbag or safety belt in a car, we hope safety showers are used infrequently, but when they are, they save lives, save eyesight and prevent serious injury on a regular basis.

But not all Safety Showers are the same.  A Safety Shower manufactured by Hughes delivers the assurance of first class components, combined with excellent financial value which transcends global markets to be recognized as one of the best value solutions available anywhere in the world.


Offering excellent return on investment, the longevity and robust reliability of a Hughes shower installation is realised over many years of safe use and operation.

Why compromise safety for price when a Hughes Safety Shower solution provides such great value?

Learn more about Hughes Value and watch our video presentation about Hughes Shower valves here.



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