Tepid Water Solutions


Thermostatic Mixing Valve

TMV Emergency Shower/Eyewash Valves are specifically engineered to provide tempered water to emergency showers and eyewashes when both a hot and cold water source are available. Tempered water at 85 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved by safely blending water from a heated source with cold water. Key design features of the TMV series: 1) Patented thermostatic element, 2) Positive hot water shut-off, and 3) Integral cold water bypass provide the ultimate in safety for any company and employee.

 tcessTemperature Controlled Emergency Safety Shower

Intended for outdoor use this shower has a 300 liter (79.25 US Gallons)  tank and 3Kw heater and regardless of ambient temperature will deliver tepid water for the ANSI recommended minimum period of 15 minutes.                       STD-100K/11K

tsssTank Style Safety Shower

A range of heavy duty Emergency Tank Showers, for use when warm water is required, or a constant supply of water cannot be supplied. ANSI Z358.1 Compliant designs. These units are essential where there is a problem with insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rate. The outdoor units are heated with an immersion heater and insulated to prevent freezing during conditions of frost, whereas the indoor or tropical units are insulated but without heating, to ensure a steady temperature is maintained. Units are available with sunshields and/or chillers to cool the tank water in extremely hot environments. Gravity fed showers will operate at full design flow without connection to a pressurized water source. An immersion heater heats water in the tank within the tepid temperature range and does not require complex Thermostatic Mixing Valves. EXP-J-14K/1200

 tuTempering Unit

A packaged tepid water system, the unit contains a 118 gallon hot water tank with 110V immersion heater as well as Thermostatic Mixing Valves to provide tepid water to the shower/eyewash unit to meet ANSI standards.

 ihInstantaneous Heaters (Electrical or Steam)

Instantaneous heaters supply tepid water on demand to shower units, eliminating the need for continuous heating of water. Electrical systems are available to supply ANSI compliant volumes of water, and typically require 480V 3 phase power in excess of 120 Kw. Steam heated units are also available to provide ANSI compliant volumes and require 45 - 60 psi steam.

 tuhcTempering Unit & Heated Cubicle

Stainless Steel double skinned insulated frame with white or yellow fiberglass outer casing designed for outdoor use in exposed freezing conditions. Provides temperature controlled water to meet ANSI standards from a 300, 450 or 500 liter immersion heated tank. The shower area is protected from the elements by insulated panels and walk through doors, an optional room heater provides a heated shower and recovery area for the user. 

 twlsTepid Water Loop System

Custom designed systems that recirculate tepid water to a series of safety showers and eyebaths. These systems heat or alternatively cool water at a centralized tempering system and pump the water through a "loop" of pipework.

 ptsPolar Tank Shower

A collection of options for the standard range of tank showers, the Polar Tank Shower was designed for the harshest winter conditions. The immersion heated overhead tank provides tepid water to meet ANSI standards. Additionally, the shower area is protected by insulated fiberglass panels and insulated walk through doors. A room heater maintains the temperature inside the shower area. Available in 1200 and 200 liter sizes.                           EXP-MH-14K/1200-POLAR