Hughes Safety Pre-Sales Consultants

Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash equipment is a relatively small part of any new build or site refurbishment project.

However, it is vitally important.

Billion-dollar projects have been halted or delayed simply because suitable Safety Showers were not provided in the right place at the right time.

Hughes has 45 years’ experience in meeting deadlines and design standards. As a result, projects are completed smoothly and on schedule ensuring a safe working environment.


Talking to Hughes in the early stages of a project can save time and costly delays. Having the right information at the right time means you can make the right decisions. Our Pre-sales Consultants are available to offer advice and technical support. Their experience and expertise could prove invaluable, so contact them as early as possible in your project.

To speak with a Pre-sales Consultant, please contact our office.


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